Below is a list of selected publications I have been involved with. This list was last updated on April 12th, 2024 and corresponds to a total of 25 peer-reviewed publications with 365 citations, 5 of which are first- and second-author publications in high-impact journals with 200 citations.

First/Second Author Refereed Publications

The Pulsating Helium-atmosphere White Dwarfs. I. New DBVs from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Z. Vanderbosch, J.J. Hermes, D. E. Winget, et al. 2022, ApJ, 927, 158 [ADS, ArXiv]

Recurring Planetary Debris Transits and Circumstellar Gas around White Dwarf ZTF J0328-1219
Z. Vanderbosch, S. Rappaport, J. A. Guidry, et al. 2021, ApJ, 917, 41 [ADS, ArXiv]

Identifying Periodic Variable Stars and Eclipsing Binary Systems with Long-Term Las Cumbres Observatory Photometric Monitoring of ZTF J0139+5245
A. Sanghi, Z. Vanderbosch, & M. H. Montgomery 2021, AJ, 162, 133 [ADS, ArXiv]

I Spy Transits and Pulsations: Empirical Variability in White Dwarfs Using Gaia and the Zwicky Transient Facility
J. A. Guidry, Z. Vanderbosch, J. J. Hermes, et al. 2021, ApJ, 912, 125 [ADS, ArXiv]

A White Dwarf with Transiting Circumstellar Material Far Outside the Roche Limit
Z. Vanderbosch, J. J. Hermes, E. Dennihy, B. H. Dunlap, et al. 2020, ApJ, 897, 171 [ADS, ArXiv]

First Author Non-Refereed Publications

V471 Tauri: Examining Eclipse Timing Variations with two Independent Clocks
Z. Vanderbosch, J. C. Clemens, B. H. Dunlap, & D. E. Winget 2017, ASPC, 509, 571 [ADS]

Co-Author Refereed Publications

EPIC 228782059: Asteroseismology of what could be the coolest pulsating helium-atmosphere white dwarf (DBV) known?” R. M. Duan, W. Zong, J.-N. Fu, …, Z. Vanderbosch, et al. 2021, ApJ, accepted [ADS, ArXiv]

The Heating and Pulsations of V386 Serpentis after Its 2019 Dwarf Nova Outburst” P. Szkody, P. Godon, B. T. Gaensicke, …, Z. Vanderbosch, et al. 2021, ApJ, 914, 40 [ADS, ArXiv]

The pulsating white dwarf G117-B15A: still the most stable optical clock known” S. O. Kepler, D. E. Winget, Z. Vanderbosch, et al. 2020, ApJ, 906, 7 [ADS, ArXiv]

WD1032+011, an inflated brown dwarf in an old eclipsing binary with a white dwarf
S. L. Casewell, C. Belardi, S. G. Parsons, …, Z. Vanderbosch, et al. 2020, MNRAS, 497, 3571 [ADS, ArXiv]

An Isolated White Dwarf with 317 s Rotation and Magnetic Emission
J. S. Reding, J. J. Hermes, Z. Vanderbosch, et al. 2020, ApJ, 894, 19 [ADS, ArXiv]

A magnetic white dwarf with five H-alpha components
M. Kilic, B. Rolland, P. Bergeron, Z. Vanderbosch, et al. 2019, MNRAS, 489, 3648 [ADS, ArXiv]

The McDonald Observatory search for pulsating sdA stars. Asteroseismic support for multiple populations
K. J. Bell, I. Pelisoli, S. O. Kepler, …, Z. Vanderbosch, et al. 2018, A&A, 617, 6 [ADS, ArXiv]

Destroying Aliases from the Ground and Space: Super-Nyquist ZZ Cetis in K2 Long Cadence Data
K. J. Bell, J. J. Hermes, Z. Vanderbosch, et al. 2017, ApJ, 851, 24 [ADS, ArXiv]

Pruning The ELM Survey: Characterizing Candidate Low-mass White Dwarfs through Photometric Variability
K. J. Bell, A. Gianninas, J. J. Hermes, …, Z. Vanderbosch, et al. 2017, ApJ, 835, 180 [ADS, ArXiv]

The search for ZZ Ceti stars in the original Kepler mission
S. Greiss, J. J. Hermes, B. T. Gaensicke, …, Z. Vanderbosch, et al. 2016, MNRAS, 457, 2855 [ADS, ArXiv]